Introducing the Library Project


We toured the Central Library’s new Bausch & Lomb building on its opening day, back in 1997. Being the proud parents of a toddler, we naturally visited the new Children’s Center on the second floor. I noticed the glassed-in space under the stairs immediately. “Good place to put a railroad,” I thought. It took me seventeen years to turn that idle notion into reality, but here it is.


The Anniversary cars are in!


Heading to the Batavia, New York train show tomorrow? My clubmates and I will have our brand-new 30th Anniversary N scale box cars (shown here with the optional user-installed roofwalk), just in from Micro-Trains. As usual, we’ll have a T-Trak layout running, too.

See you there!

I love modular railroading. I hate it, too.


This week I’m recuperating from the Syracuse Train Fair, which is the biggest show in our end of New York State. Our club always participates in a large, modular N scale layout. For the past four years, we’ve built T-Trak layouts with two other clubs. The intensity of this event serves to reminds me of everything I love, and hate, about modular railroading.