Furniture Railroads is about designing and building small model railroads that can be displayed in living space, or taken to exhibitions. It’s about making the presentation as good as the modelling work. It’s about bringing the hobby upstairs, and out to the public.

I talk a lot about woodworking here, but I engage in all aspects of the hobby of model railroading. Most of my work is in N scale these days, but I still have the American Flyer S scale I grew up with, and I work in other scales as well.

I’ve been a professional woodworker since 1996. I’ve been a model railroader all my life.


  1. Really a great website. It is a big help to find such to-the-point descriptions by someone who actually knows what they are doing. For not having ‘formal’ electronics training, you have a pretty sophisticated inventory. And the information on woodworking is *very* valuable to us electronicists who build ‘potato chip’ plywood layouts. Many thanks.


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